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Selling three primal plant ponies for $100 altogether
Got a text from my mom they had to put my cat down that I had since she was born .. 17 years Rip Cleo
If anyone needs more characters for their anime or sonic or any really fanfic just note me I have tons of characters
Anyone do Steven universe commissions cheap?
If anyone wants to use my ocs in their fanfics just let me know
The Lion Guard : New Arrivals (Part One) 

A new day was rearing itself on the pridelands as the sun hit Pride Rock a restless Kion was the first one up and sat at the edge of Pride rock "A new day and a new advanture may appear" he said with a smile. Jumping from rock to rock down to the ground and took off running to meet his friends at their Lion Guard base. As soon as he got there he looked around "Where are they? This is when we normally meet right?" he asked himself not so sure. Soon enough his friend the honey badger showed his furry face "Where is everyone?" he asked as his friend nervously rubbed his head. Bunga looked at his friend "Im not sure myself lets go look for them!" Kion nodded as they both headed out to look for the other members of the lion guard. A bunch of animals had gather at the base of Pride rock as Simba looked down at them "I understand ill send Kion and others to check it out" the king of the pridelands told the troubled animals.

 Kion and Bunga spotted there friends in the midst of it all "Oh good Kion you're here I need you to go check something out it seems the others have spotted a group that is not from here" his father told Kion the details. The group nodded "We're on it!" they shouted and took over to the water hole that everyone saying the group where at.

Meanwhile at the water whole a group of young animals gathered to take a drink from the water whole the two leaders where in the back letting the younger ones go first. One of them was a lion cub that with a white coat and sky blue eyes and this was Neva, the other was a dark furred male Hyena a little older named Basel. The group was made up of young animals who where lost or their parents had died. The male hyena could sense something in the air he looked at the others and looked at them "Quick hide in the tall grass!" he told them as they rushed to follow the order of the older animal.

The white lion cub rushed over to Basel he quickly turned and pinned her into the tall grass and growled at her "Stay here!" he told her as he walked back out of the tall grass and seemed to be waiting for someone.

One thing about Basel he was very protective of their little pride it was probably because he was never apart of one to begin with ,since he lost his parents. Soon enough a group of animals headed towards him, Kion was leading the group to where Basel was at.  Kion and the lion guard came to a halt right infront "We're The lion Guard and heard there was trouble here" the young lion told the Hyena eyeing him. The female cheetah scolded the hyena "Isnt it oblivious Kion? His the trouble" she stated strongly as the other nodded in agreement.

 They had trouble with Hyena's more often then they wanted these days and always chased them back to where they came from. This hyena was different he didnt seem to care who they where and Kion couldnt remember seeing a hyena with such a dark fur. The hyena looked at the lion cub "Never heard of ya lion guard?" he said looking unamused at the younger male. The white lion cub watched from behind the tall grass as the two spoke she noticed the different animals with them "Their like us?" she whispered to the others. She motioned them to stay hidden as she carefully stepped out from the tall grass not making a sound as she appoached the two.  Neva was a little younger then Kion ,yet unlike him she hasnt really seen any other lions let alone any cubs about her age. Bunga quickly nudged Kion and pointed to Neva "Kion look!" he said as both Kion the others and Basel looked the way he was pointing.

The white cub appoached quickly and got up into Kions face as a surpried look acrossed both of their faces "Look Basel his like me! while i mean beside our fur being different and him being a male and..." she batted at his mane with her paw "He has a mane!" she said as Kion shook off Neva pawing at his mane.  

Basel then quickly drew Neva towards him by her tail "Neva i told you and the others to stay hidden!' he scolded her as Kion raised a brow "Others?" he said looking at the others and back at the way Neva came. Giggling playfully she looked at Basel "Looks like theres no point in hidding now is there?" as if on cue the young animals came running out to greet the group as a fennec fox stood beside Neva and Basel as the others hide behind them. 

Characters in part one:
Kion - Lion cub
Simba- Lion 
Bunga - Honey Badger
Basel - Hyena
Neva - Lioness cub
Fuili- Cheetah
Bashte : Hippo
Ono - Cattle Egret


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